Essentials to Women’s Health

There are a lot of basic necessities that every human being needs. In order to live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. Human beings may have similar needs, but there are some essential differences between men and women. If you want to get serious about your health, here are some essential tips you should consider. Making lifestyle changes might seem daunting at first. But you’d be surprised to know that implementing them within your own life can be very simple.

Get Serious About Vitamins

It’s no secret that your body requires vitamins. Vitamins that are essential to your health and  the optimal functioning of your body. For women, vitamins are even more important. Here are some vitamins you need to pay attention to:


The red blood cells in your body require iron. Iron creates hemoglobin, which is responsible for carrying oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body. When you lack iron, your body will respond. You’ll begin to look tired, look a little a pale, maybe even anemic. If your periods are heavy, the loss of blood could lead to an iron deficiency. If you’re a vegetarian you’ll need even more iron. You can get iron in foods like, meat, poultry, fish, beans, lentils, and spinach.


You already know that calcium keeps your bones and teeth healthy and strong. You can increase your calcium intake from food sources like, milk, cheese, yogurt, beans, tofu, almonds and much more.

Folic Acid

Taking folic acid can be useful for women who plan on starting families. If you take a folic acid supplement before you get pregnant, because it helps reduce of birth defects. Birth defects that could affect the baby’s brain and spine. You can get iron from dark green vegetables, orange juice, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, beans, and  chickpeas.


It might even be worth while to start taking a multivitamin. Chances are you’re a pretty busy person. You live a fast-space life, so getting all the appropriate nutrients in on a day to day is hard. And getting all your essential nutrients from the food you eat can also be tricky. A multivitamin or supplement contains a range of nutrients that help you body maintain a range of functions. Things such as keeping your skin healthy, maintaining your bones, cartilage, teeth, gums, and immune function.

Reduce Stress/Relax/Breathe

It’s a little known fact that stress wreaks havoc on the body. It’s impossible to completely eliminate stress from your life. You’re going to experience it everyday Some days more than others. But just because you can’t avoid it, that doesn’t mean you can’t help relieve it. Reducing stress can be as simple as a yoga class, or a fun activity. Or even better, some divine feminine coaching from

Learn to Cook

Learn to cook your own food. Cooking is easily the best way to know to what’s in your food, and therefore what goes into your body. And it doesn’t have to be hard. There are thousands of simple recipes available online, even for beginners. So even if you have no idea what to do, you’re sure to find the guidance you need to get started.


Exercise, but do more than just hit the treadmill. Studies have found that women need a mix of cardio, resistance or weight exercises. This prevents the development of osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes and cancer. It’s also extremely important to a woman’s mental well-being as well.


They don’t call it beauty sleep for no reason. Getting enough sleep  reduces your risk of weight gain, diabetes and heart disease. A good night’s rest is also great for skin, and a youthful glow.

Midnight Meditations

As I prepare for working an overnight shift, I have to remain awake until morning. Twenty-five years ago, midnight had a different effect in my life. At that time, I was a single mother residing in welfare housing. Fear overtook the night with drive-by shootings and drug trafficking.

Fifteen years ago, I worked on a crisis hotline and got off at midnight. The last two years were spent helping my daughter with midnight feedings and diaper changes for my grand-babies.

For the first time, I will be working all night and sleeping during the day. It will be an adjustment but may have some benefits. During the day, I can sleep and avoid the outdoor heat of the day. At night, most of the population is asleep. Offices are closed and crowds are gone. The element we deal with at night will be handled by morning because everyone eventually has to sleep.

This time, I am prepared for the shift mentally. I’ve learned that the world goes on but for the person in crisis, I may be the lifeline to get them through the moment. I may not have the answers but can get the resources to them quickly.

In the still of the night, there is comfort in the light of the moon. As morning approaches, I can still see it faintly. I talk to it as if it were a friend, bidding it goodbye until the evening comes around again.

While in the safety of my work environment, I know that somewhere out there are individuals facing a difficult night. I remember my own difficult nights and can empathize. I am willing to change the sleep pattern in order to make a difference.

As adults become elderly and enter care facilities, the nights may be times of loneliness, missing loved ones and depending on medical care providers. Each stage of life comes with its own unique joys and sorrows.

For now, this is a quiet and peaceful time. My husband works from home. We will be working opposite shifts but while he works, I will be sleeping in the other room. Just like a child, I am comforted in knowing that he will be there to protect me while I sleep.

As I sit here trying to stay awake until morning, this is an interesting reflection. My children are all grown and moved away. I can’t be there to protect them anymore but pray that God will keep a watchful eye over them while they sleep.

Women, The New James Bond of Our Modern Times

More than ever the world needs emotionally intelligent, humanity focused, and heart awakened women leaders that play an important role in the evolution of human consciousness and in the direction the world we all share is taking.

With Brexit, Syrian refugee crisis, and the rise of unprecedented extremism, nationalism, fascism, phobias, antisemitism, Islamophobia, etc, it is essential to have conscious women leaders who like James Bond, can overcome the toughest challenges presented to them and from the ashes rise triumphantly like a phoenix.

Many of us grew up with super heroes like James Bond, Captain America, Jean Luke Pickard, Superman, Wonder woman, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Oprah being our hero’s that we aspire to become.

The time has come for us all to do our part and awaken the hero within, to take action, be engaged, and have our say in the global crisis that in one form or another impacts every human being.

I grew up in the ghettos of a small town called Gostivar in western Macedonia at times where daily I saw women being abused, judged, and had very little human rights. As I started to travel around the world, I realized, just like my mother, sisters, cousins, and other women I knew back at home, millions of women continue to be treated badly.

As a kid, I knew I was different, I felt the pain, the judgment, and the loneliness and the abuse that my mother and other women endured. Ever since I wanted to do something about it, this feeling to help women globally followed me through my entire life, and it is what also inspired me to be who I am today and in my latest book write about a global problem we all share-loneliness.

Most you may have heard about the extraordinary work that mother Theresa did around the world. What has changed? Not much, we still experience global segregation in an era that is technologically advanced yet many feeling extremely lonely in their hearts.

To address the global problems such as famine, inequality, job losses, war, climate change, sustainability, etc, I believe more conscious women are required in order for humanity to find the solutions to the global problems that are on the rise.

Women have an important role in building a more just, equal, and harmonious society, and in directing the course of the planet we all live, share, and call home.

My mother, together with my dad, fought for educating, empowering, and supporting my sisters to be free of religious and political dogmas that imprisoned women, treated them as non-equals, and enslaved them. Today, I continue to support their mission by carry this torch of light that my parent ignited in me.

Through my day-to-day coaching, healing, and speaking engagements I help many amazing woman from all professions and background to step up into their true power, their hearts intelligence, and aid them create, build, and grow iconic businesses, products, and most of all an inner wisdom required to be conscious, healthy and wealthy leaders.

As openly gay man, I know from first-hand experience what it feels like to be different, to not fit the box that someone else created for you, and to not conform to societal expectations.

Millions of women around the world still continue to endure mental, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. If we are to change the course of the future that we all want, then we all need to do our part in assisting women grow into beautiful goddesses who with their wings of love, compassion, and understanding can embrace the darkness experienced globally and turn it into light that shine’s humanity’s path to a better future.

Many people who I have met on my path at some point in their lives they all felt the pain of being rejected, abandoned, and alone in a world where we come to express our true magnificent being that is infinite in our abilities to create and destroy life.

Throughout my life, starting from my mum, sisters, friends, work colleagues, teachers, healers, and many amazing women who crossed my path, they have helped on my journey to better myself and become who I am today.

Some of them were nominated for the “Global Woman of the Year Award 2017” organised by Mirela Sula who founded Migrant and Global Women with a mission which aims to address the following questions:

1. How can women come together and become leaders in building and empowering their communities.

2. How can men help in building a new paradigm for women as an equal and influential force in society.

3. How can we bring together the most successful leaders from around the globe and redefine the pathways to power and diversity in businesses and communities.

Mirela, with her mission and the vision for Global Woman is the James Bond of our modern time. She is the wonderwoman who helps women globally step into their true power.

As a supporter of women, Todor and I joined Mirela and many amazing women for this once a year event that honours the extraordinary work women do at the Global Women Magazine grand gala dinner held on the 25th March 2017 where they presented the awards for the best cover stories and the ultimate “Global Women of the Year”.

Reading this article you know that you are an agent for change, love, peace, and equality. Make sure you take daily action, connect with other people who share a similar vision, and keep investing in your greatest asset-you.

The Cessation of Indigenous Cultural Practices That Duress the Esteem of Women in Africa

Women play very vibrant roles in the development of families and societies in Africa. Their great and unequivocal sacrifices they offer to their societies are unparalleled. Aside from the tiresome efforts, they exert in tying the loose nuts in their families such as providing meals, washing clothes, tending to children, providing warmth and affection to their husbands and other members of the family, as workaholics in business setups, they also contribute significantly to the socio-economic development in societies. It is disturbing that some indigenous cultural practices in some local communities in Africa still hold strings that pull down the esteem of many women by putting a barrier on their involvement in some high levels of social development such as in key decision-making processes.

The problem is still with the indigenous cultural practice that relegated the roles of women to only domestic chores and caging them to the four corners of their marital home. Women in those local communities are not to give their opinions or views in public during deliberations on societal development in communal meetings. Their lips are sealed when their highly weighed views that would have changed the wheel of development in their communities are shut down everlastingly within themselves. It is true that by Divine order, men are supposed to be leaders, yet, women play ancillary roles and the synergy hypes the development of societies. It is proven today that when women occupy key positions in the society or nation, their inputs have remedied and redeemed the esteem and progress of their respective societies and countries.

Women activist institutions, associations in charge of gender and women affairs must revamp their activities and programs to their secluded local communities to enliven the esteem of women to foster national development. A potent strategy is by holding talks with the traditional councils in these local communities and shedding light on the archetypical roles that women have played and continue to play today in the field of politics, economics, education, agriculture and other areas of human endeavor. This would entice them and consider revising or abrogating these indigenous cultural practices that put women in prison. Tradition evolves and is dynamic. Tradition often loses its nest to embrace the newly accepted ways of life in modern societies. This knowledge is not blind to the elderly members of the traditional councils in these local communities. This is evident in a general popular saying in Africa, which says that it is only a fool who fails to accept change, especially, the change that brings the most beneficial results to the society. Reasoning with the members of the traditional councils in the local communities using the imports of their own traditional knowledge systems could help them reverse and cease all forms of counter-productive cultural practices that demean women.

Various international, governmental and non-governmental bodies in Africa, particularly, the African Union must strengthen the provision of logistics to aid in the massive campaign against the duress of the esteem of women.

During special events and days used in marking the great achievements of women, such communities could be used as venues to showcase to them the great advancements in societies that have been as a result of the vibrant and free roles that women have been allowed to play in those societies. These strategies would aid in halting all the cultural practices that hold animosity against women. It would charge women, who are the everlasting souls of communities to function for the general wellbeing of nations.

I Thought I Knew Her Well – In Honor of Mother’s Day

I never fancied myself an author. In fact, part of the reason I chose to go to engineering school was that it didn’t involve much writing. My master’s degree required no thesis! But when Mother died, my world was turned upside down and I was driven to write about her unique life.

While I felt a void knowing I’d never again hear her laugh or hear her motherly advice, I tried to focus on the good times, and there were many. After she divorced my dad in 1959, the two of us were virtually connected at the hip. We were as close as any mother-daughter could be.

As her only child, I alone (with the help of my supportive husband) had to clear out her house to prepare it for sale. Each month the house lay fallow its underlying costs were running down my inheritance. Time was a-wasting. The task would have been as simple as backing up a dumpster and tossing everything (as Mother had once suggested), but there was nostalgia in every trinket I touched.

Funny — or hilarious — stories accompanied each and I couldn’t be rushed. To not record the anecdotes would deprive others of knowing a woman of immense courage and independence. Frankly, I couldn’t see allowing the stories to die along with her. And who better to write them down but me, the person who knew my mother best.

I was winding down my own career and could pace myself as far as my “day job” was concerned. I was still dealing with an active, healthy 90-something year old father and traveling 100 miles between his home and mine to spend quality time with him every couple of weeks. In between, I researched what was entailed in writing a book. 60,000 words? Oh, dear. I wasn’t sure I could write more than 5000 or 10,000. I’d never tried. But Confucius’ words were echoing in my head, “The journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step.”

I knew my mother’s timeline

Telling her story chronologically would be easiest for a newbie like myself. One technique I found helpful was to create a spreadsheet which served as a timeline. I systematically sorted her papers — legal documents, leases, bank statements, canceled checks, airline tickets — and meticulously noted them on the timeline. I was able to use that not only as an outline for my storytelling, but also as a checkpoint for making sure I didn’t omit something important.

I even went back to the years before she was born in an effort to explain how her roots enabled a little girl from Philadelphia to become the doyenne of the dog-grooming world, a restaurateur, mini-mogul of real estate and best friend to a coterie of young, gay men.

I knew my mother’s music, too

A large part of my mother’s life revolved around music and I wanted to be sure to incorporate that into my homage to her. Each chapter is the name of a well-known song popular within her lifetime, one that I heard her sing or was pertinent to the material in that chapter.

In reconstructing her life, I realized that her many friends could fill in some missing details, as they knew my mother well, too. Some of what I learned I asked permission to use; other material was just too racy to include!

Ageing What Causes It And How We Can Slow It Down

Ageing is inevitable. We will all age and die. However, the relatively new profession of anti-ageing medicine could now greatly influence how early we descend into our decline. Anti-ageing medicine is unlocking the secrets of ageing and how to slow it down based on the principals of traditional medicine – evidence-based practice on a foundation of rigorous scientific research.

The oldest living human is now 122 years old and it is proposed that young adults of today may live until they are 150 or more. So what about the ageing population and the economic strife that it will incur for future generations? By 2050, there will be 3 times as many people retired as those working. It is unsustainable and will bring about global economic collapse.

The purpose of anti-ageing medicine is not to prolong life even when quality of life is poor as we are doing now with traditional medicine. It is to improve longevity so that we can still be healthy and independent and useful to society for much longer. Anti-ageing medicine takes a holistic view of a person’s health rather than just treating the disease. This is something “alternative” practitioners have been doing for a long time. What’s new is that now the doctors are doing it too. But it won’t necessarily be your local GP, you may have to find an anti-ageing practitioner. They are starting to pop up around the place now. Look for one who is a member of the Australasian Academy of Anti-ageing Medicine.

The Theories of Ageing

I have always thought ageing was just caused by the wearing down and wearing out of our bodies. Our joints pack up, our organs get tired (including our brain) and our skin gets wrinkly. So I suppose I am a believer in the Wear and Tear Theory of Ageing. But did you know there are many scientific theories of ageing? They all make sense and ageing is probably a combination of them all. Understanding these theories can empower us with the knowledge to fight ageing and the decay and disease that it brings.

The Wear and Tear Theory

This is the simple theory that we age because of insults to our bodies over time. Our skeleton is eroded and our organs – heart, liver, kidneys, skin – are worn down by toxins (sugar, fat, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, ultraviolet light, pollution, pesticides and emotional stressors). This damage accumulates and not only causes our body systems to work less efficiently, it decreases our ability to fight off further insults. What can we do to prevent this wear and tear? Avoid toxins and stress! Easier said that done I know and this article does not give you the solutions, there is abundant information out there. Some notable sites include Low Tox Life and The Whole Daily created and run by smart Australian women. This article can merely enlighten you as to how all the bad things in our life make us age. With that knowledge, we are able make the connection between action and reaction and how the lifestyle choices we make either reward or punish us.

The Genetic Control Theory

This is the idea that although we can’t change our genetic makeup, we can protect our genes in many ways so that the path of our programmed ageing (our genetic destiny) is altered. As we go about our lives, our DNA (which contains all our genes, there are approximately 20,000 of them) is damaged. DNA is constantly replicating to replace our cells and after a while bits break. Eventually the cells that are being replaced don’t always turn out the way they should, leading to mutants that either die or cause disease. The Genetic Control Theory proposed that it is the condition of our DNA that controls how we age as broken DNA leads to disease, illness and ageing.

The Genetic Control Theory is closely linked to another theory, The Free Radical Theory. We have all heard of free radicals and know they are bad for us but did you know why? Free Radicals are constantly being produced by the metabolic processes that go on inside our bodies. Other free radicals may be introduced from outside our bodies in the form of all those toxins I mentioned before. Free radicals damage us because they are atoms or molecules that have an extra electron. They unstable and are said to be in an oxidative state.

If you know any basic chemistry, you’ll have learned that all atoms (except hydrogen) have protons, neutrons and electrons. Stay with me, I’ll make it really simple. The number of protons should equal the number of electrons. If there is an extra electron, the atom is not happy and bounces around frantically trying to give away an electron to anyone who is passing so that it can regain equilibrium. They cause a lot of damage in the process. They target cell membranes, DNA and RNA, leaving a trail of destruction.

We can protect ourselves from free radicals by consuming nutritious foods that are known for their antioxidants properties or by taking antioxidant supplements like Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Antioxidants are guardian angels who travel around the body and neutralise the free radicals by taking that extra electron and leaving behind happy and stable atoms and molecules. They stop the destruction.

The Hayflick Limit Theory of ageing

This theory was put forward by Leonard Hayflick in 1961. If the Genetic Control Theory purports that ageing is caused by damage to our DNA, the Hayflick Limit Theory states that this same damage is a result of telomere shortening. Now, telomeres are pieces of junk DNA (DNA that doesn’t actually do anything) that sit at the ends of our proper DNA. They protect the ends of the DNA strands from damage. Just like you hem a fabric so it doesn’t fray, the telomeres prevent the fraying of our DNA by protecting the ends of it. When you hear about being tested for your genetic age as opposed to your year age, this is what they are looking at. How long your telomeres are.

Free radicals and oxidative stress are responsible for the damage to our telomeres just the same as it damages the rest of our DNA, so the answer is again antioxidants in the form of nutritious food and supplements and by reducing psychological and physical stress.

The Neuro-Endocrine Theory of ageing

This theory was developed by Vladimir Dilman in 1954 and is founded on the belief that it is the decline in neuroendocrine activity that makes us age. If our nervous system is the queen bee of our body, our hormones are the workers. Pretty much everything that happens in our body is the result of actions by our hormones. It is an unbelievably complex system that I am not even going to try to explain but if you keep this system running smoothly, your body will perform well. As we age many hormones decline. Especially after 50. After menopause. You can monitor your hormones and supplement them if necessary, something that your local GP may not tell you. Be proactive and ask about your hormones. Or find an anti-ageing practitioner. Your hormones will be one of the first things they investigate.

Inflammation Theory of Ageing

Inflammation is the body’s response to physiological stressors. The reaction to a stressor usually goes like this. We detect the stressor (hormones again). All sorts of biochemical reactions occur which lead to increased permeability of our blood vessels. In other words, your capillaries become leaky at the site of the injury. The purpose of this is to allow our Immune cells (our white blood cells) to get out of the blood stream and into the tissue that is damaged and attack the invaders and repair the tissue. This leakiness of capillaries is what causes the swelling and inflammation that you see when you injure yourself. Think hitting your thumb with a hammer or spraining your ankle. The problem is, more than just your white blood cells leak into that area, a lot of plasma goes with it and the swelling ends up causing more problems than the actual injury. That is why we ice and elevate our injuries, to stop the swelling. All that pooled fluid actually impedes circulation and slows down the healing process. Now imagine that same inflammation going on throughout your body in capillaries everywhere and you can see why inflammation is so harmful. Inflammation also causes increased mucous production. That constantly runny nose, sinus pain or mucous in you stools is a sign of chronic inflammation. And what is the stressor that the body is reacting to? Oxidative stress usually. Free Radicals.

And if that’s not enough, add to this The Autoimmune Theory of ageing that states that as we age, the ability of our immune system to produce disease-fighting antibodies declines as does its ability to distinguish invaders from our own cells. So not only do we have capillaries leaking all over the place, we have immune cells leaking into our tissues that are attacking our own cells, not just the invaders. I don’t blame you if you want to stop reading now but I’ll try to finish this on a positive note.

You have the power. Go forth.

All of these theories have some truth. Ageing is a combination of them all. But no matter what sort of genes you were dealt when you were conceived, whether you have “good genes” or “bad genes” you can change your destiny for the better (or worse). If you are not already eating nutritious foods, exercising, meditating and abstaining from things that are toxic (almost impossible but moderation is a good start), it’s time to give it some serious thought. Ageing is not pleasant no matter how “normal” it is. I’m going to procrastinate. You can too.

If you are struggling to follow these principles. It’s time for some trickery. Personally I find the best way to trick yourself into giving up something you love or taking up something you don’t love is via hypnosis. Get the ideas into your subconscious and your conscious self will follow like a faithful Labrador. You don’t even need to leave the house let alone go into an expensive retreat or hire a psychologist. Just find some hypnosis or affirmation podcasts on iTunes or YouTube on whatever you want to improve and listen to it before bed. Plant those seeds before you sleep. Get them into your subconscious and watch the results unfold. You’ll be amazed at the changes you can make without even trying.

My personal favourite it The Honest Guys. They are English and have dozens of hypnosis exercises. If you prefer an Australian accent, Jason Stephenson is also good. He has some funky visualisations. Just find a 20 minute one to start with so you don’t get bored and make yourself do it for a week. After that you will be addicted and you can start to take control of your life instead of life controlling you. You don’t have to battle your dark side any more. Let your subconscious do it for you.

As for ageing. I hope this article has provided some insight into what ageing is and what you can do to slow it down. Knowledge is power. Know your enemy and keep it on the other side of the trench as long as you can. You only live once. Eat well, exercise, meditate. Give it all you’ve got.